Expo 2020: Cabo Verde wants to show the arquipelago to the world in Dubai

Praia, Feb 11(Inforpress) – The public opening ceremony for Cabo Verde’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai began Monday, in Praia, a moment considered “precious and opportune for the promotion and dissemination of the image of Cabo Verde ”.

Speaking to the press, Cabo Verde Commissioner-General for Expo 2020 Dubai, Ana Barber, said that the country’s participation aims to contribute to the deepening and diversification of political, economic and cultural relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the rest of the countries.

“Our participation is very ambitious. We also hope to strengthen friendly relations and economic cooperation. Our theme will be mobility”, she stressed, stating that she intends to give greater visibility, make known the richness of Cabo Verde’s culture and true soul. Ana Barber said that the event will be an opportunity for Cabo Verde to foster educational, cultural and scientific exchange, to value national talent, material and immaterial infrastructures and other differentiated factors, while “a country with a unique culture and ready to take its place among exemplary countries in the world”.

“In order to achieve this goal and thus enhance Cabo Verde’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, we will develop a set of activities that contribute to positioning Cabo Verde as a welcoming country and morabeza, where cultures intersect and partnerships are built for the development of new projects”, she stressed.




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