Government wants closer relationship with City Halls in managing seafronts

Praia, Jan 17 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Maritime Economy wants a closer relationship with City Halls in managing seafronts, and a strategic plan is being prepared to improve this joint management.

This information was released by the new Minister of Maritime Economy, Paulo Veiga, who Thursday held a meeting with the mayor of Praia, Óscar Santos, to discuss the issue of seafront planning, the identification of places for development of tourism, beaches and places for tradiitional fishing.

“We are having this conversation and we start here with the City of Praia, with the mayor and we talk about where we should put the fishing infrastructure, where the nautical recreation should be and also how the joint management of the seafronts will be done,” he said.

A meeting he intends to hold with all the mayors of the municipalities with maritime borders, in order to guarantee a closer relationship between the two entities with responsibilities in the management of the maritime borders because as he stressed the central government has no means for all islands and all counties.



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