Government suspends update of inter-island cargo tariffs but maintains those applied to passengers

Mindelo, April 25th (Inforpress) – The Government announced, in a statement released by the Ministry of the Sea, the temporary suspension of the update of inter-island cargo transportation tariffs, but will maintain those applied to passengers.

The same source indicated that this decision is the result of an appreciation and analysis of the immediate impacts of this update, mainly on the islands of Santo Antão and São Vicente, Fogo and Santiago, due to their “strong historical connection and strong cargo dynamics” between these islands.

“There is a need to consider the impact that the price increase, caused by the implementation of a rational calculation methodology and the new base tariffs, as stipulated by dispatch No. 01/2023 of the National Directorate of Maritime Policy, dated April 17, 2023, will have on the final price of essential goods and on the already consolidated activity of roll-on/roll-off cargo transportation,” the statement reads.

Thus, the Government decided to suspend the update of cargo tariffs, maintain passenger tariffs, and approve a tariff model framed within the transport policy that ensures the sustainability of maritime transport operators and the economic and commercial activity of the islands.



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