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Government strongly repudiates “irresponsible accusations” of José Maria Neves on the use of public resources in election campaigns 

Praia, Oct 4 (Inforpress) – The Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Filomena Gonçalves, today accused presidential candidate José Maria Neves of “launching suspicions” and “irresponsible statements” about the use of public resources to benefit candidates in election campaigns.

The government made these accusations at a press conference about the government’s position on its responsibility in the electoral process and to react to the statements made by the candidate José Maria Neves.

In the eager to create political facts, José Maria Neves, according to Filomena Gonçalves, has made “irresponsible” statements against the government, adding that he has repeatedly launched suspicions and publicly accused the Government of using public resources for electoral purposes.

“The Government strongly repudiates these suspicions, accusations and challenges, once again, Mr. José Maria Neves to present concrete evidence that supports his statements,” he said, stressing that a candidate for the Nation’s highest office must be considered and it is not worth everything in politics and electoral disputes.



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