Government says it is “committed” to solving the problem of the concession of inter-island maritime transport

Praia, Mar 9 (Inforpress) – The Deputy Prime Minister, Olavo Correia, acknowledged that there was a degradation in inter-island transport services compared to 2019, but guaranteed that the Government is committed to “changing the situation” and solve dealership problems.

The Minister of Finance and Business Development and Minister of the Digital Economy was speaking during the question period to the Government, this Thursday afternoon, at the National Assembly.

As he explained, the contractual negotiation process, which started in 2019 “went well”, but that everything started to get complicated in March 2020, with the arrival of Covid-19. However, he advanced that there has been a “substantial change” in relation to the level of service provided by maritime transport.

“We have a clear notion that we have to improve, we are not satisfied (…). We have to recognize that there has been a change towards a degradation in 2019, and we have to be honest so that things can improve and we are working with the concessionaire so that we can change the framework within what the concession contract itself provides”, attested the government official.



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