Government says it believes the social partners will sign the social agreement presented today


Praia, June 19 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Finance Olavo Correia said today that the partners in the Social Dialogue Council, after listening to Government proposals, have expressed their willingness to sign a social agreement aimed at promoting economic growth development of the country.

The official made this statement in press statements, two hours after the opening of the Social Concertation Council meeting, held in Praia today, which aims to discuss a social agreement that promotes economic growth for companies and guarantees the productivity and competitiveness increase, within the framework of a flexible and fair social model.

“It is very important that we had the notion of how the country is today at a crossroads. We are facing huge challenges from the point of view of reform that the State must overcome. But all this requires breakdowns, and for that we have to have a firm commitment from all partners to meet the challenges,” he says.

Olavo Correia, who admits that there is social concern on the part of each partner, the reaction of the partners after the diagnosis made by the State was positive, and therefore believes that, in the end, a consensus will be formed that will serve and guide the future of the Country in the field of public policy.





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