Government promises to revisit budget to see the possibility of improving budget allocation for the Ombudsman

Praia, Dec 5 (Inforpress) – The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister has promised to revisit the budget and try to find a solution, eventually improving the budget allocation for the Ombudsman by 2020.

Olavo Correia was speaking to reporters on Wednesday, at the end of a parliamentary hearing at the specialized Finance and Budget Committee, on the discussion of the State Budget for 2020, on the details, during which he was confronted with the question of insufficient funds made available to the institution.

According to the Ombudsman, the organization needs at least 19 million escudos over budget to ensure its normal functioning. Already last year had made this alert and for this year the budget has not changed.

The finance minister says he is open and available to look at all complaints and wherever possible and justifiable search the budget and find the solution to the numerous complaints he receives.

“We have allocated important resources to the Ombudsman. It is normal that it may not yet be enough for the service to function at its highest level of performance, and we will, in the course of discussing Parliament’s budget, revisit the budget, see the Ombudsman’s own arguments and, depending on parties availability, trying to find a solution to eventually improve what is foreseen for the Ombudsman’s budget,” he said.


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