Government establishes sport as value factor, social inclusion and development by 2030

Praia, Jun 30 (Inforpress) – Sports Minister Fernando Elísio Freire said Tuesday in Praia that the Government establishes the sports sector as “value factor, social inclusion and development, by 2030 ”.

The official made this statement at the opening of the forum “Future of sport in Cabo Verde for 2030” which aims to “create an environment for reflection, discussion, consensus and commitments” on the main issues related to the development of sport in Cabo Verde.

“The 2030 agenda is basically the application of the Sport rule, which is to define a strategy, to have an objective and a tactic”, said the minister, clarifying that its operationalization has to count on the agents of sport, from Cabo Verdean society and other sectors.

For this reason, he recalled that this “exercise is extremely important” because the Government defined Cabo Verde as a platform country, in which it is essential to take “maximum advantage” of its potential for its development, as well as hide its weaknesses.



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