Government ensures that the TACV restructuring is being conducted in a transparent manner


Praia, Nov 15 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Finance Olavo Correia Tuesday assured that the TACV restructuring process is being conducted in a transparent manner and the Government is working to make Cabo Verde a “hub” of air transport.

The ruler reacted in this way to the declarations meade by the former Prime Minister, Jose Maria Neves, on the TACV restructuring in a publication on his official Facebook page.

According to Olavo Correia, the Government needs time to present “a good solution” for the country in terms of air hub.

The Minister of Finance, who was speaking to the press during the visit to Adega company, at Praia City, informed that the Executive of Ulisses Correia is working with studies, partners and banks that know business, so that the structure can be structured in the best way the TACV privatization process.

“This is a complex process that carries risks, but we are working to bring a good solution to the country. It takes patience, calmness, especially on the part of those who had 15 years to present a solution to the country and left TACV bankrupt, without any perspective,” said Olavo Correia.




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