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Government bets on the refurbishment of the Cidade Velha Cathedral

Praia, Jun 8  (Inforpress) – The Government announced the refurbishment of the Cathedral, an investment of five/six million euros will be mobilized to draft this project which combines the preservation of the historical heritage and the future of Cidade Velha.

“It’s a viable project, absolutely. If we don’t think about this idea, it’s never going to happen. We launched this idea, it was very well received  by Cardinal Arlindo Furtado. At the  moment we already have several similar projects, a little all over the world, but with great emphasis on the Colosseum of  Rome,… ours is only five/six million,” explained the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries.

Abraão Vicente made the announcement during the opening of the Cidade Velha Tourist Itinerary, A World Heritage Site by UNESCO, whose management of the Cidade Velha Tourist Itinerary is once again under the responsability of the State of Cabo Verde, through the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, after 15 years of management by a private company.

He mentioned that the Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPC) has already done several technical studies on this project which “has already started” and whose first phase involves  the construction of all architecture, technical and historical studies, as well as continue the excavations, being certain the last phase is intended for the mobilization of resources.



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