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Government bets on improving the education and training of Cabo Verdeans in the tenth legislature

Praia, Jun 14  (Inforpress) – The Government Programme  for the tenth legislature is committed to consolidating the gains already achieved in the education and training sector and deepening the realization of its “holistic vision” of the harmonious and sustainable development of Cabo Verde.

In this context, the Government presenting this Monday, the 14th, in a special session in the National Assembly the Government Programme, promises to take on education, training and qualification by continuing to provide Cabo Verdean society with tools that enable it  to build  “new resilience” in the COVID-19 post-pandemic, in a sustainable way.

It is also the Government’s intention to provide Cabo Verdean society with the factors progressively homogenize and harmonize its cultural and historical identity, and to contribute to mitigating and reducing social inequalities by combating social exclusion, by linking the entire education system to the economic development and business, fostering competitiveness process, productivity and sustainable development of the country.

On schools, the Government’s Programme for this mandate has the ambition to continue its modernization, making them true centres of ‘intelligentsia’, technologically advanced, connected in networks, as centres of digital integration of teachers, students and the entire educational and academic community.



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