Government announces emergency plan and prospect over 700 billion escudos to combat bad agricultural year – MAA


Assomada, Oct 5 (Inforpress) – The Government announced Wednesday that it will implement the emergency plan for livestock rescue and drought mitigation in the amount of 7 million euros (plus 700 billion escudos), taking into account the “bad agricultural year” in forecast.

The information was released today by the Minister of the Environment and Agriculture, Gilberto Silva, who began a visit to several counties in the countryside of the island of Santiago accompanied by the representative of the United Nations Fund for Agriculture and Food (FAO), Rémi Nono, to evaluate the agricultural year situation, marked by the scarcity of rain.

“We are talking about an amount of just over 7 million euros, is what we are predicting, but we are still in the beginning. We have a macro planning and then we will make operational planning very territorial, very concrete,” said the minister, indicating that the emergency plan will be approved on time and goes earlier than usual, in order to make possible a greater organization of the interventions and resource mobilization.

As explained by Gilberto Silva, the great measures of this plan are for the rescue of livestock, adequate management of water resources, and the creation of employment opportunities for families who will not be able to enjoy any agricultural production.

The minister estimates that 17.200 families, about 62% of rural families, will be directly affected by the bad agricultural year in 2017.




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