Government analyzes the application of zero VAT on food products – Olavo Correia

Praia, Mar 31 (Inforpress) – The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Business Development, Olavo Correia, announced today that the Government is analyzing the possibility of applying the zero VAT measure on certain essential food products .

“We are analyzing the tax framework at all times, today we need an attitude of permanent analysis, of nothing is fixed forever and we are evaluating. We have already made many changes in the fiscal plan, but also in the VAT plan and we are monitoring the situation in Cape Verde and in the world and depending on the assessment of the framework, we will take the measures”, he concluded.

The official, who was speaking to the press, on the sidelines of the first ordinary meeting of the National Council of Statistics (CNEST), said that the measure tends to protect the protect the less well-founded and those who eventually may be suffering from the impacts of the war caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“Our objective is never to have a generic policy, but above all to protect those who are being most affected and who deserve protection from the State and depending on the assessment that we are carrying out monthly. Based on that, as soon proves necessary any change in terms of public policies the Government is attentive to take the measures in a timely manner and also includes changes in the fiscal plan if this proves to be necessary”, he pointed out.



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