Global study on the impact of micro-plastics on marine filtering animals goes through Cabo Verde

Mindelo, Jun 5 (Inforpress) – Paulo Vasconcelos, Biology scientist at Uni-CV, lives a mix of “pride and satisfaction” for being part of the global teams that carry out a comparative study on the impact of microplastics and natural particles in marine filtering animals.

Paulo, along with his German colleague Leo Gottschalck from the University of Rostock (Germany), is aware that the experience they have in one of the rooms of the Mindelo Oceanographic Center (OSCM) in São Vicente, in case of validation, can bring a “tremendous revolution” for the future of humanity.

In the study are universities from countries such as Chile, Portugal (Madeira), Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Tasmania and Israel, in addition to Cabo Verde, that is, a team in each ocean, in different latitudes. According to Paulo it’s a “great pleasure” represent Cabo Verde in this world experience.

On World Environment Day, which is celebrated today, the Inforpress Agency went to meet “in loco” the “exciting” study that is carried out in a partnership between the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) and the German Ocean Research Institute (Geomar) and Mindelo Oceanographic Center.



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