“Gender equality issues of Government programs are blind in OE” – Specialist

Mindelo, March 16 (Inforpress) – The gender and budget monitoring expert Raquel Cremades said in Mindelo that gender issues in Cabo Verde are “well defended” in Government programs, but are “blind” in the Budgets of State.

On the second of three days of a training course in budgetary oversight, which takes place in Mindelo until Friday, 17th this month, Raquel Cremades, who spoke to Inforpress explained that this “gender blindness” in planning and budgeting “has hindered the practical implementation” of the programs outlined in the strategic planning of sustainable development.

“Until now, the State Budget has only a specific gender program in Cabo Verde,” said the expert, who considered that these issues should be analyzed “transversally and integrated in all sectoral programs for development”, particularly in education, health and employment.

It is at this point that, according to the specialist, the importance of this training for parliamentarians and parliamentary technicians and other national partners on gender budgeting in order to influence the strategic planning and annual budgeting of the State and to monitor the implementation throughout of its execution.
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