GBV: ICIEG confirms increase in cases and associates it with post-pandemic context, economic crisis and holiday period

Praia, Jul 26 (Inforpress) – Cases of VBG in Cabo Verde have increased in recent weeks, according to ICIEG president, who believes the reason is due to the post-pandemic context, the economic crisis caused by the war and the holiday period.

“We have seen, in recent weeks, an increase in cases of Gender-Based Violence (VBG), through the demand of the Institute’s services and the police, but we were already prepared because we know that at the current situation we would have more emergency requests,” Mariza Carvalho told Inforpress.

The president of the Cabo Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG), which relates this increase to reasons such as the post-pandemic, the economic crisis caused by the war and the holiday period in which everyone is at home and hence more situations of confrontation between partners, also admits that many of the situations are associated with the consumption of alcohol and other drugs.

This is because most of the complaints and care at the hospital have been in the afternoon or evening. Despite not having data to compare the figures compared to the previous year, the president of ICIEG confirms the increase with the demand she has had in the institute’s services.

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