“From my own experience I can say that education begins at home” – First lady

Praia, Oct 4 (Inforpress) – The First lady, Débora Carvalho, highlighted Monday, in the City of Praia, the important role of the family in the education of children, having stressed that by “her own experience” can “doubly” say that education begins at home.

Débora Carvalho was speaking this afternoon at the official launch of the National Campaign to Start classes, under the theme “Mi é Primeru Professor de nha Fidjo” (I am my son’s first teacher), promoted by the National Federation of Community Associations (FCAC).

“From my own experience I can doubly say that education begins at home, not least because many children do not have the opportunity to go to a daycare center, kindergarten before they start their entire academic life and even if we do all this way, there are values that we learn is in the family,” the First lady emphasized.

The first space where one learns to respect and accept differences, to make decisions in groups is within the family, at home, she said, stressing that the “greatest responsibility of education” is the family, of which the school is part.



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