Forests could play a key role in increasing water abstraction in Cabo Verde – expert

Praia, Mar 28 (Inforpress) – The forestry engineer and coordinator of the Reflor – Cabo Verde project, executed by the FAO, José Ferreira de Castro, said in Cidade Velha on Wednesday that forests in Cabo Verde could play a “key role” in increasing water abstraction.

“If we have a good forest, covering all our watersheds, a forest that is strengthened to function as it should, no raindrops are lost, because all of it is infiltrated and will replenish the wells from which we take most of the water and all of it will get much more filtered to our dams created much more conditions to do the irrigation”, he explained.

This expert, who was speaking to the journalists on the sidelines of the 9th Macaronesian Forest Day, said that this event, which brings together scientists, technicians and policy makers, should serve this call, in other words, the more forest there is, the more agriculture there will be in Cabo Verde.

“Only through the forest, we will be able to fully enjoy the rain that falls in the country, and more, if we have a good significant forest cover the very atmospheric circulation can cause the masses of clouds precipitate more. Therefore, this idea is well-based – the existence of the forest because of water is a major factor limiting the living conditions in Cabo Verde”, he said.



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