Football / South Santiago: Boavista da Praia presents new emblem and equipment based on the history and philosophy of the club

Praia, Nov 21 (Inforpress) – Boavista da Praia presented Wednesday, in the City of Praia, the new emblem and equipment for the 2019-2020 sporting season, based on the history and philosophy of the club.

The ceremony was attended by old and new leaders and the club’s social project was presented at the occasion, with the aim of making sport a platform for social inclusion. Speaking to Inforpress, Boavista da Praia’s vice president, Nuno Martins, explained that the change of the emblem aims to identify it with the history and philosophy of the club.

“The new emblem has four stars representing the national championships won, a panther that symbolizes Boavista, chess and golden yellow in a year in which we celebrate 80 years,” he explained.

In relation to the social project, he said that Boavista da Praia has been doing these types of actions over the last few years and from now on they will be associated with deprived neighborhoods and zone clubs

“We want to help them get sports equipment as well as help young people to have healthy habits,” said the checkered club leader.




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