Football/Santo Antão – South: Clubs have until Tuesday to confirm participation in this season

Porto Novo, Oct 14 (Inforpress) – The official football clubs in Santo Antão – South, whose majority are in “serious difficulties” to participate in the competitions this season, due to financial problems, have until Tuesday to register at the regional association.

The Santo Antão – South region has nine “federated” clubs, but every season there are always cases of teams that, due to financial and organizational problems, cannot compete, a situation that can get even worse this season, as assessed by concerns already expressed by various leaders.

The region’s regional football association said it would wait until October 15, the deadline for clubs to sign up to see if they can move forward this season, when no team has yet started preparations in this sporting region.

Almost all teams in this region survive on the grant of around  100 thousand escudos per year, provided by the City Hall of Porto Novo. Some leaders, approached by Inforpress, confided that the municipality’s allowance comes only to ensure the athletes’ food throughout the season, so they have “serious difficulties” in acquiring materials such as boots and others.



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