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Football / Northern Santo Antão: Clubs once again stated that there are no conditions to hold competitions

Ribeira Grande, Jan 21 (Inforpress) – Six of the eight football clubs in the Northern Santo Antão – Paulense, Janela, Solpontense, Foguetões, Sinagoga and Torreense – once again stated this Thursday that there are no conditions for the start of the 2020 / 2021 football season.

The clubs and the Football Association of the Northern Region of Santo Antão (AFRN-SA) held a meeting to assess the health and financial conditions and requirements for the football season and decided not to start the season in view of the difficulties created by the pandemic.

Pedro da Luz, president of AFRN-SA, told Inforpress that of the eight clubs present, only two of them, Santo Crucifixo and Rosariense, were willing to resume football in the region.

“According to their arguments, the COVID-19 will continue to circulate among us and football cannot be stopped, despite some existing constraints”, said Pedro da Luz.


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