Football / North Santo Antão: Foguetões and Sinagoga win points and continue to lead the regional championship

Ribeira Grande, Dec 30 (Inforpress) – The Foguetões and Sinagoga teams won the matches they played on matchday four of the North Santo Antão regional football championship and maintained the lead with ten points each.

The Foguetões, who remain in the lead thanks to its best goal average, won the União Desportiva de Janela 2-0 with goals from Stivie (14 minutes) and Ronaldo (24 minutes).

In the second match of Saturday afternoon, Santo Crucifixo beat Paulense 3-0, with goals from Robinho (58 minutes), Lito (67 minutes) and Ady (87 minutes). On Sunday, Sinagoga beat Solpontense 2-1, with goals from Paulo (45 minutes) and Fogá (83 minutes), while for Solpontense the goal was scored by Elton after 76 minutes in a non-controversial game, with Solpontense unhappy with the work of the refereeing team.

In the second match of that afternoon, Rosariense and Torreense drew 1-1 with goals scored by Martim (02 minutes) for Rosariense and Dany (40 minutes) for Torreense.



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