Football / Fogo: Jurisdictional Council deems Athletic Protest “partially upheld”

São Filipe, Apr 3 (Inforpress) – The Jurisdictional Council of Regional Football Association judged “partially upheld the Atletico protest “, applied a 30 day suspension to the player and a 20 thousand escudos fine for Valencia, but did not gave victory to the Mosteiros club.

Last week after the last day of the first division regional, Atlético dos Mosteiros, penultimate in the regional league table with 13 points and relegated to the second division, filled a protest against Valencia by alleged use of player in irregular form in the match of the first lap, eighth round, between the two clubs, that finished tied to a ball, in the attempt to gain two more points that guaranteed the maintenance.

The Jurisdictional Council, which requested the opinion of a legal area, according to the deliberation made public on Tuesday, recognized that “there was irregularity in the use of the player of Valencia “in the game against Atlético to count for the eighth round.

It added that the “result of this game was tacitly approved, since it was passed more than 30 days after the said game without there being any protest pending”, although Atlético stated on the day that it would playe under protest.



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