Fogo: “We are aware that the maritime service provided until today does not  meet the need and more cargo capacity is needed” – Paulo Veiga

São Filipe, Feb 10 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Maritime Economy, Paulo Veiga, said Saturday that the Government is aware that the service provided to date in the transport sector does not meet the need and more cargo capacity is needed.

Paulo Veiga, who chaired the opening of the meeting with the island’s economic operators to present the results of the CVInterilhas company and discuss the future challenges for the maritime sector and the strategies to overcome them, stated that the Government is working to overcome this issue, indicating that this year the line will be equipped with one of the two vessels to have more cargo and passenger capacity to respond to the economic growth and challenges existing at the moment.

He considered the meeting held “important” where, in addition to presenting the CVinterilhas results, port infrastructures and modernization projects, the future challenge for the maritime sector and how to overcome the difficulties were discussed.

“Cabo Verde still suffers from the connection between the islands and has a negative impact on the scale, on the movement of people, on the economic and on the economic development of the islands”, acknowledged Paulo Veiga, stressing that if Fogo can produce a lot in the sectors of agriculture, livestock and fisheries, it is difficult to place these quality products on consumer markets such as Sal or Boa Vista.



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