Fogo: Warehouses in the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação beach, Xaguate and ex-Depa in tender for concession

São Filipe, May 24 (Inforpress) – The warehouses in the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação beach, Xaguate and the former facilities of Depa and the municipal gymnasium are on the list of properties will be placed in a public tender for concession to private.

For the concession of these municipal properties to private individuals the City Hall of São Filipe will ask the Municipal Assembly to annul Deliberation No. 4/2020 that authorized the City Hall to dispose some properties, including those were not in the municipal public domain.

Accompanied by the request for annulment the City Hall, according to its Mayor, Nuías Silva, will ask the deliberative body to approve an authorization so that it can launch the tender for the concession of the four properties in this first phase.

The irregularities in the previous deliberation and, above all, because the current City Hall has no interest in selling the assets of the municipality, but rather building assets and protecting the future generation is the basis of the decision to request annulment of the deliberation, according to Nuías Silva it is not only lack of transparency, but to give the sign of commitment made to defend the superior interests of São Filipe.



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