Fogo: Tourist village and airfield remodeling analyzed at the meeting between the mayor and the minister of Tourism

São Filipe, May 11 (Inforpress) – The creation of the tourist village of Campanas de Cima, in the far north of the municipality, and the complete refurbishment of the air terminal at the São Filipe airfield were analyzed by the mayor of São Filipe and the Minister of Tourism and Transport.

After a one-hour meeting between Nuías Silva and Carlos Santos, the holder of the Tourism and Transport portfolio said that the creation of the tourist village of Campanas de Cima is a project that aims to reclassify that locality to create the conditions to welcome tourists. , noting that it is estimated at around 40 million escudos.

The investment will result in the urban requalification of Campanas de Cima, through painting the facades of the houses, organizing paths, preparing and training people to be transformed into economic agents and operators, said Carlos Santos, indicating that within the framework of the recovery program of tourist villages, budgeted at 900 million escudos, it is expected to include 18 villages throughout the country and on islands with the greatest tourist potential in nature.

Fogo island has three rural tourist villages and after visiting, on Wednesday, Chã das Caldeiras, in Fogo’s Santa Catarina municipality, where the electrification project is underway, Santos plans to visit, on Saturday, 13, the future tourist village of Campanas de Cima where a project is to be developed in which the ultimate aim is almost to build a kind of open-air resort in which the population will be involved in the process.



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