Fogo: “There are many empty buildings in São Filipe whose state of conservation needs an intervention” – Jair Fernandes

São Filipe, Mar 21 (Inforpress) – The president of the Cultural Heritage Research Institute (IPC), Jair Fernandes, admitted at the end of the visit to the Fogo/Brava region that there are many empty buildings in São Filipe, whose state of conservation requires intervention.

“We have already identified these buildings and together with the City Hall, we have sketched some ideas, although we can not intervene if there is no guarantee from the owners”, said the president of the IPC, for whom São Filipe is a particular case because most buildings with a high degree of protection in terms of property security, belongs to private and are fragmented properties with several heirs/owners, some residents and others not, which made it difficult to identify them for possible intervention.

The same source pointed out that some of these buildings are identified to hosting a cultural and social project, but because the owner can not be identified to propose an intervention partnership, it is “more complicated” to think of a strategy that is integrated with the private one.

“I believe that the City Hall will have the tools to do this, in particular through the municipal code”, he said, pointing out that there are others that could be used to solve this issue, such as the implementation of municipal regulations and plans, the new cultural heritage regime which will make the State (Government and / or the City Hall) responsible for identifying the owners and proposing management or co-management measures to safeguard these properties.



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