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Fogo: “The pandemic crisis hindered the first year of office but municipality gives a sign of recovery” – Alberto Nunes

São Filipe, Nov 19 (Inforpress) – The mayor of Santa Catarina do Fogo, Alberto Nunes, admitted today that the pandemic crisis hindered the first year of his second term, but the municipality gives a sign of resumption of activities.

Speaking to Inforpress, Alberto Nunes said that despite the crisis context the City Hall performance in this first year “was satisfactory”.

According to him, it was a year of a “very strong” struggle for the City Hall together with the Government to reduce the situation, solve the problems and try to recover the local economy, stressing that at the moment the municipality is gradually resuming activities.

Alberto Nunes pointed out that some works were to be completed in the first term and moved up to the second are completed and should be inaugurated in the coming days. He highlighted the rehabilitation of the schools in Estância Roque and Mãe Joana, the kindergarten in Figueira Pavão, the basic school and the kindergarten in Achada Furna, the educational complex Eduardo Gomes Miranda and its amphitheater.



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