Fogo: The municipal waste dump represents a crime for public health and the environment – Mayor

São Filipe, Feb 22 (Inforpress) – The municipal waste dump, located less than 300 meters from the hospital and a hotel in São Filipe, constitutes a crime for public health and an attack on the environment, said mayor Nuías Silva.

The statement is from the mayor of São Filipe, Nuías Silva, who characterized the situation of the municipal dump has been operating for several years in the vicinity of the two institutions and in a housing area, noting that this week comes to the island of Fogo a team from the National Agency for Water and Sanitation (ANAS) to work, with the City Hall, in the sealing of the same and in the choice of a new location.

ANAS concluded, in August last year, an agreement with the City Hall aimed at suspending the operation of the municipal dump, promising to make available 20 million escudos for the construction of a controlled landfill, having even transferred 6 million escudos to the City Hall, but even then the problem was not solved.

Without advancing a date, because it is not yet properly planned and it is necessary to discuss with the ANAS team, Nuías Silva pointed out that by the beginning of the summer, at the latest, the current municipal dump will no longer work.



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