Fogo: The  book “Mudjê krióla” by Chumpa presented on the 28th at the Casa das Bandeiras

São Filipe, Sep 23 (Inforpress) – The first literary work of the popular poet Chumpa, as Lino Lopes is best known in Fogo, “Mudjê Krióla” (Creole woman) is presented on September 28th at Casa das Bandeiras in São Filipe.

The poetic work consists of a few dozen poems, all written in Creole from Fogo, and illustrated by about a dozen paintings related to women, by the artist Mário Barbosa (Zelito).

According to the author, it was to be presented last March, a month dedicated to women, but for a delay in printing only now will happen.

This work, the first of the popular poet, according to professor and culture activist Luís Pires, responsible for revising the content, is a “great tribute” to the woman, who “values” all Creole women, as well as those resident in Cabo Verde as in the diaspora, stressing that it honors “woman mother, bride, lover, girlfriend, sufferer (…)”



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