Fogo: Second tier regional championship group stage starts this weekend with the games for the first round

São Filipe, Dec 6 (Inforpress) – The second tier regional championship group stage, season 2019/20, played in two groups, starts this weekend with the games for the first round.

The teams that play in the second tier, as in previous years, were divided into two groups, with group A being formed by the teams from the municipality of São Filipe, and group B by the teams from Mosteiros and Santa Catarina do Fogo.

In group A there are teams Atlântico, Brasilim, Luzabril, Juventude, Juventus de Curral Grande and União de São Lourenço, while in group B there are Atletico and Grito Povo (Mosteiros) and Baxada, Esperança, Parque Real and Pavense teams (Santa Catarina).

In this first round, counting for group A, they play Juventus de Curral Grande – U. S. Lourenço, Atlântico – Juventude and Luzabril – Brasilim and for group B they play Atlético – Baxada, Parque Real – Pavense and Esperança – Grito Povo. The top two teams in each group move to the second phase of the second tier regional championship, which is played in competition all against all in two-round system, with the top two automatically rising to the first tier on the next season.


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