Fogo: Project Vitó records first slaughter of sea turtle this season at Fonte Bila beach

São Filipe, 07 Jun (Inforpress) – The Vitó Project Association recorded on Tuesday, 06, the slaughter of the first sea turtle of the 2023 spawning season on Fonte Bila beach, the president of  association, Paulo Pina told to Inforpress.

According to the same source, a project team went to Nossa Senhora da Encarnação beach to monitor the size of the sand collection and, using a drone, identified the trail of a turtle leaving, but it did not have the return trail overboard, which made the team suspicious.

Afterwards, team members went to the site to find out what had happened and surprised an individual killing an adult turtle, adding that team members were threatened with a knife by the fisherman and had to leave the site.

Immediately, said Paulo Pina, the National Police (PN) was called, which already identified the fisherman and collected 22 kilos of turtle meat, which demonstrates that it was an adult turtle.



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