Fogo: Pro-Pesca Association mobilizes equipment and materials to support northern fishermen

São Filipe, Sep 6 (Inforpress) – The Ponta Verde Pro-Pesca Association, in the northern part of São Filipe municipality, has mobilized some fishing equipment and supplies to support fishermen from the locations covered by the association.

Pro-Pesca president António Pires told Inforpress that this non-governmental organization has already mobilized six outboard motors, two small boats and a set of fishing materials such as line and hooks, as well as other resources for fishermen from the north zone. The motors are eight, 9.5 and 15 horsepower and the boats are five and a half meters and the forecast to make available the equipment and materials to the fishermen is for this weekend, depending on their arrival from São Vicente, being the Pro-Pesca  Association from Ponta Verde to mobilize more resources to support fishermen.

According to the head of the association, the availability of equipment and materials is part of the association management itself in partnership with the Motor-mar from São Vicente, which made the engines available for sale to the fishermen. He indicated that the beneficiaries are identified and they are mainly elderly people who continue to row and others who have not received support from any institutions, whether local or national.

In addition to this initiative, Pro-Pesca is also involved in the sea turtle preservation campaign on the beaches of the northern zone, in partnership with Vito Project and the Ministry of Environment.



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