Fogo: Population of Campanas de Baixo concerned about the presence of “bicho de agua” asks authorities for intervention of the

São Filipe, Aug 18 (Inforpress) – The population of Campanas de Baixo, far north of the municipality of São Filipe, Island of Fogo, is concerned about the presence, in large numbers, of “bicho de agua” and asks authorities for intervention to combat it.

One of the community residents of Campanas de Baixo, Máximo da Silveira told Inforpress that for about a month ago this larvae was detected in large numbers in an area known as Ribeira da Cruz and the situation was immediately reported to the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA).

Máximo da Silveira said that this plague is infesting the houses, streets and cisterns containing rainwater and there is even report of a woman that was bitten her own residence.

The population does not know the larvae scientific name, but calls it “bicho de água” because it appeared after the rainy season and remain in the humid places, containing water and in the hot moments disappears, hiding in holes where it reproduces, explained Máximo da Silveira.

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