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Fogo: Organic coffee certification guarantees the consumer quality product and more money to the producer – Specialist

Achada Igreja (Mosteiros), Apr 26 (Inforpress) – The organic Fogo coffee certification guarantees the consumer this product has quality and the producer will receive more for its product, said the manager of the Portuguese company Agricert, Hermenegildo Castanho.

It is a Portuguese company which certifies agricultural products and its manager participated in the dialogue roundtable, together with the representative from the Italian non-governmental organization, Cospe, Carla Cossu, in the biological certification of Fogo coffee.

Castanho said that the coffee festival, in which he participates for the first time at the invitation of the City Hall of Monasteries, touches on a theme in which Agricert works, noting that the company he runs works with coffee, cocoa and other tropical crops.

Regarding coffee, he said, the company works in 26 countries in the world and Cabo Verde was the only Portuguese-speaking country where it was not present, and so accepted the invitation and already thinks about helping the producers from Mosteiros.



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