Fogo: Open rubbish dumps on an World Biosphere Reserve island worries Vitó Project Association

São Filipe, Dec 3 (Inforpress) – The Association for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Resources, Vitó Project, is concerned about the continued operation of the open rubbish dumps, one year after the island was declared a World Biosphere Reserve.

Although the Vitó Project does not work directly with the issue of sanitation, its executive director, Herculano Diniz, said that as an environmental organization it is concerned about the situation of the dumps in the three municipalities.

“We noticed that there was no stop of garbage stocking in the open rubbish dumps, as the problem was recurrent in the past, and fires continue to happen frequently,” said Herculano Diniz in a statement to Inforpress, noting that the dumping ground of São Filipe is located in a residential area, with the “aggravating of being near the regional hospital”.

The problem, he explained, is not only in São Filipe, pointing out that the first thing we find when arriving in Santa Catarina is an open rubbish dump and, in the Mosteiros, the dumping ground is located inside a historical lavic drain, of “great patrimonial and natural value”, and simply the garbage is deposited and spreaded using machinery.



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