Fogo: “Nôs ku Nhôs” Association has 20 thousand euros to build a Health Center in Chã das Caldeiras

 São Filipe, Nov 18 (Inforpress) – The Austrian-Cabo Verdean Association “Nôs ku Nhôs” currently has 20 thousand euros, more than 2.2 million escudos, to advance with the construction of the Health Center in Chã das Caldeiras.

The association’s representative in Cabo Verde, Elias Montrond, told Inforpress that today the members of this non-governmental organization, accompanied by technicians from the City Hall of Santa Catarina will travel to Chã das Caldeiras to identify the place to proceed with the construction of the Health Center, “as soon as possible”.

“At this moment we have available 2.2 million escudos and the green light from the commercial adviser at the Austrian Embassy in Portugal to support the construction”, said Elias Montrond, stressing that there is a guarantee of “some financing”, but he does not know the amount, since the representative was in the island of Fogo, where he demonstrated his readiness to collaborate in the financing of the infrastructure.

The association has been guaranteeing a salary to the nurse who works in Chã das Caldeiras for over a year, but as the conditions of the nurse’s workplace and residence “are not the best”, the objective is to build a Health Center and in a second phase will build an a nurse’s residence.



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