Fogo: National Fisherman’s Day marked with various activities and inauguration of the Fisherman’s House

São Filipe, Feb 5 (Inforpress) – Fisherman’s Day is marked today in the island of Fogo, with various activities, with emphasis on the opening of the Fisherman’s House, located nearby to the fishing pier in the Port of Vale dos Cavaleiros.

The activities start with the celebration of a mass, at the fishing pier, in the port of Vale dos Cavaleiros, in memory of all the fishermen who lost their lives at ocean, followed by sporting activities such as fishing, swimming, other games, boat race,  family lunch and delivery of prizes and bonuses, and ends with the inauguration of Fisherman’s House, chaired by the Minister of Maritime Economy, Paulo Veiga.

This year, the National Fisherman’s Day, marked in various parts of the national territory, has the theme “Celebrate the ocean, value the fisherman” and aims to “think more about the valorization of the fisherman now, praise and commend” the fisherman and “raise their self-esteem”.

According to a note from the Ministry of Maritime Economy, nationwide several awareness actions will be carried out through lectures, cultural and sports activities, delivery of fishing vessels, materials, signing of agreements, health and sea gastronomy fairs, among others.

On the island of Fogo is also expected to be signed an agreement between the Padre Ottavio Fasano Foundation (FPOF) and Enapor, for the management of the fishing pier in the port of Vale dos Cavaleiros and the other infrastructures related to fishing.



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