Fogo: NAK-Karitativ-funded agricultural project begins as soon as water mobilization is completed – Promoter

São Filipe, Jun 14 (Inforpress) – The project for young people on the island of Fogo, in the fields of agriculture and livestock, funded by the relief organization of the New Apostolic Church (NAK-Karitativ) begins as soon as the execution of the groundwater drilling borehole is completed.

The local head of the project, Augusto Manuel dos Santos, told Inforpress that the project was designed in mid-March 2019 to start its activities later that year, but some setbacks dictated the delay in its implementation.

The first setback was the granting of land by the Government that was only possible in March 2021, with the availability of 23 hectares of land in the perimeter of Monte Verde for the implementation of the project.

After the concession, he explained, project leaders took advantage of the presence of the Genius Water company which conducts research, using Italian technology to identify aquifer of water using special drones, to carry out hydrological and water prospecting studies in the Monte Verde area.



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