Fogo: Municipality of São Filipe’s budget for 2021 with a reduction of 14%

São Filipe, Jan 4 (Inforpress) – The municipality of São Filipe’s budget for the economic year of 2021 is just over 581.327 million escudos, representing a reduction of 13.6 percent (%) compared to 2020.

The budget, the first of the team led by Nuías Silva, was approved jointly with the activity plan at the São Filipe Municipal Assembly’s session held at the end of the year and established that 71%, an additional of 411 million escudos, is intended to materialize investment projects and 29%, corresponding to 170 million escudos, for operating expenses.

The investment projects are aimed at six strategic axes, namely infrastructure, with a forecast of channeling over 172 million escudos (42% of the total investment funds), human capital, with just over 102 million escudos (25% ), competitiveness, with more than 68 million escudos (16.69%), transversal axis, with nearly 26 million escudos (6.22%), social cohesion, with around 24 millions escudos (75.71%) and good governance, with around 18 million escudos (4.36%).

Despite the 13.6% reduction in relation to the 2020 budget, the current City Hall team, through the document that was approved with favorable votes from PAICV (nine) and against from MpD (eight), considers it to be “a realistic budget and in line with the pandemic reality that is experienced at the planetary level”and has a forecast of effective collection of local revenues, regardless of transfers from national and international partners are intended to be mobilized.



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