Fogo/Municipality Day: Water supply network to Campanas de Cima inaugurated next Saturday

São Filipe, Apr 28 (Inforpress) – The water supply network to Campanas de Cima, in the high North of the municipality of São Filipe, will be inaugurated next Saturday, April 30, by Prime Minister José Ulisses Correia e Silva.

The announcement was made by the mayor of São Filipe, Nuías Silva, who said that, in addition to the supply networks, will also be inaugurated the provision of water using household connection to a piped water supply at least to six families from the three localities.

“It is a project we found in the locality of Lomba. In the first phase we extend the project to Velho Manuel/Domingos Ledo and now from Velho Manuel to Campanas de Cima through Ribeira Filipe and Monte Preto”, told mayor, saying that it is “something extraordinary” so that families can have access to water.

With the inauguration of the supply network to Campanas de Cima the coverage rate of the water supply to the population becomes 98 percent (%).



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