Fogo: Municipality of Mosteiros makes rainfed seeds available to farmers after rainfall 

São Filipe, Sep 4 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Mosteiros made available a significant amount of rainfed seeds, namely maize and some varieties of beans, to farmers after enough rainfall to start farming.

According to information available on its page, the City Hall had made available, until Tuesday, about 6.600 liters of seeds for rainfed agriculture in the different localities of the municipality, each beneficiary having five liters of corn and three liters of beans ( congo, bongolon, bean and bonjin or sapatinha) as needed.

Three thousand and four hundred liters of seeds, making a total of ten thousand liters, will be distributed today, and if it is necessary the City Hall can make available more seeds to farmers, since last year’s production was weak and landowners and farmers do not have seed in quantity and quality for sowing.

In addition to supporting the farmers with seed, the City Hall of Mosteiros is also preparing an action plan to mitigate the effects of the bad agricultural year to be implemented if agricultural production become weak.



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