Fogo: Island terrestrial flora is home to 472 species spread over 313 genera – PNF

São Filipe, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – The Island of Fogo terrestrial flora is home to populations of 472 species distributed in 313 genera, according to the Vegetation Monitoring Plan of the Fogo Natural Park (PNF).

The plan drafted by the non-governmental organization linked to the environmental area,  Vitó Project Association, in partnership with the National Institute for Agrarian Research and Development (INIDA), Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA), Fogo Natural Park’s team and community associations of the park’s areas, points out that the 472 species belong to 122 families.

The plant biodiversity of the island is divided into three categories, briophytes with 57 species all native, pteridophytes, with 24 species all native, and spermatophyte, the one that presents greater diversity with 391 species, 93 native non-endemic, 241 introduced and 55 endemic, of which six are exclusive endemics of the island of Fogo.

Of the terrestrial flora species 16 species are in danger of extinction and 11 are in a situation of vulnerability, 83 are species with some medicinal properties and 92 are forage species.



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