Fogo Island: People from Chã das Caldeiras once again complain about irregularities in water supply

São Filipe, Oct 29 (Inforpress) – The population from Chã das Caldeiras is again complaining about the irregularity in the water supply to the population in the last two weeks, with several residents contacting Inforpress in order to deal with the problem.

Tchicosa, one of the residents in Chã, told Inforpress that at the moment there are problems in the water supply with the population to use water from cisterns, which have this infrastructure for storing rainwater, but indicates that not everyone has this possibility and are suffering from water shortages.

According to him, the keys to the fountains were collected about a month ago, but the water shortage situation worsened a week ago as the company responsible for building the kindergarten used the available water in the reservoir, so that a week ago the population is without access to drinking water.

This concern was shared by other residents from Chã das Caldeiras who do not understand the attitude of those responsible for leaving the population without water, knowing that it is available in Chã das Caldeiras.



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