Fogo Island: Mayor of Santa Catarina proposes emergency meeting to analyze road map

São Filipe, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – The mayor of Santa Catarina, Alberto Nunes, proposes an urgent meeting to evaluate the Cova Tina / Portela / Bangaeira road, as a way to avoid “excessive consumption” of agricultural areas.

In Chã das Caldeiras, several people have shown “dissatisfaction” with the road, because “it affects several plots of agricultural land” left over from the last volcanic eruptions and “destruction of several fruit plants” such as vine, apple and other crops, which guarantee the survival of the population.

Following the various opinions expressed by the residents of Chã das Caldeiras regarding the road, Alberto Nunes, who visited the site last week accompanied by technicians from the construction company, clarified the population about the preservation of the agricultural area, indicating that a meeting involving the community itself will be held, in the coming days, for this purpose, “avoiding that what is actually happening will be misrepresented”.

“Last week we were in Caldeira to find out about the work and I was accompanied by the construction company team and we identified all the places that are in trouble, there are critical places and others less critical”, said Alberto Nunes, indicating that there are places where the road goes occupy “large agricultural areas”, thus expressing himself, in part, in accordance with the farmers’ claim.

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