Fogo Island: “It is not with revolution that the population solves the problems” – Jorge Santos São


Filipe, Oct 2 (Inforpress) – National Assembly President Jorge Santos, who visited Chã das Caldeiras on Saturday, said that “it is not in the revolution that we solve problems” but “on the basis of dialogue, respect and understanding”.

Jorge Santos, who was received in a hostile atmosphere in the Caldeira, said he understood “the drama of the people” and explained that the visit was to listen and learn about the situation and then dialogue with the public authorities, both local and central, to see what is possible to do.

“The visit is to witness the situation in which people live in the post-eruption, which is a natural catastrophe that nobody is able to control,” said the President of Parliament, indicating that the volcanic eruption caused “quite a lot of material damage”, but without human damages and in the population and that mobilized the whole country.

“We are here just to listen and to understand each other to be useful in the situation of Chã,” said Jorge Santos, indicating that Parliament is a responsible institution, adding that he visited the crater, the water supply borehole, the construction situation of the new cellar and the location of its construction, as well as the housing problem.



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