Fogo: Identified bird Diablotin during a “chumming” session between Fogo and Ilhéu de Cima

São Filipe, May 3 (Inforpress) – A Diablotin, a species of seabird that breeds in the Caribbean, was identified and photographed by the Vito Project team during a “chumming” session held at sea between Fogo Island and Ilhéu de Cima.

Chumming is an activity that consists of grinding fresh fish, freezing and then placing the fish block in the middle of the sea to attract seabirds, in order to allow the viewing of the birds are near this area, to know and to study its population and in which times pass the birds that do not exist in the country.

The “Petrel preto-tampado diablotin” (in Portuguese), according to the specialist and professor of Zoology of the University of Barcelona, ​​Jacob Salvatore Gonzalez, is the first time that was identified in the Sotavento region, noting that this species had already been sighted in 2017 in the sea ​​near the São Nicolau Island and in Santo Antão Island (land) in 2016 and 2018, suspecting that perhaps this species is improving on that island.

In addition to the Diablotin, during the chumming session, the first one held in this space, many seabirds, namely Cagarras and Pedreiros, were observed, reinforcing the idea that the development of chumming activity, a practice of attracting animals, in this case sea birds, could add value to the tourism sector and bring more tourists to the country.


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