Fogo: Hospital with service for screening and control of all people entering the hospital

São Filipe, Jul 2 (Inforpress) – The São Francisco de Assis regional hospital already has a service for control and screening of all people who come to this hospital, whether to make appointments, visit hospitalized family members, among others.

For this purpose, a tent was installed at the front of the hospital for the screening service for all people who go to the hospital, said director Evandro Monteiro, noting that this control is extended to those who seek the emergency, making appointments, visits to hospitalized family members, contacts with doctors, employees or those seeking services for other purposes.

Each person will be identified and followed up, explained the director, indicating that people will also be subjected to a small test and all those who have minimal respiratory symptoms and / or fever will be sent to the appropriate space.

He said that, according to a new guideline, all people who will be hospitalized will be subjected to rapid testing.

With the installation of this space, the objective is to control all people who enter the space, noting that this week works on an experimental basis and therefore some people were not approached at the entrance, but that from next week it will work more strictly.



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