Fogo: Horses to the equestrian race grouped into six series – winners qualified for the final

São Filipe, Apr 27 (Inforpress) – The 15 horses registered for the equestrian race of the traditional Municipality Day festivities and the Flag of São Filipe compete today for the qualification to the race final stage.

The horses were grouped into six series, three with three horses each and three others with two horses, according to the draw held on Tuesday night, the 26th, at the presence of the owners and members of the competition committee.

The first series composed of the horses “Vulcão”, by owner Cloves Teixeira (Fogo), and “Furacão”, by owner Ivandro Rodrigues (Santo Antão), the second by the horses “Airley”, by owner Arlindo Lopes (Fogo), and “América Dreams”, by Cloves Teixeira (Fogo).

The third series composed of the horses “Fogo”, by owner Manuel Gomes (Fogo), “Foguete”, by owner Norberto Araújo (Fogo), and “Alderman”, by owner Erick Silva (Santo Antão), the fourth by the horses “Nimocis” and “Criston”, both by owner Salomão Amado (Fogo), and “Império”, by owner  António Lopes (Fogo).



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