Fogo: Grazing in area with the highest goat concentration is insufficient to cover needs – Suifogo

São Filipe, Oct 22 (Inforpress) – The amount of pasture available in Fogo’s largest goat area is insufficient to cover the needs of livestock farmers by January 2020, Suifogo CEO Manuel Mendes told to Inforpress.

Suifogo is a company that operates in the production of livestock derivatives, and Manuel Mendes also chairs the island’s cheese group.

Due to the rains, there are two distinct scenarios in relation to pasture production, being “reasonable” the one that occurs in the locality of Jardim to the north, and another one, “derisory”, which includes the locations in the south of Salo, covering Achada Furna, Cabeça Fundão and Fonte Aleixo, where a “large herd” of goat cattle is concentrated.

According to Manuel Mendes, the second scenario “is worrying” and therefore believes that a new plan should be implemented to mitigate the effects of the bad agricultural year, at least in the southern and central areas, noting that the amount of pasture is insufficient to cover the needs by the month of January. With regard to Suifogo, he indicated that the production situation could have been better if it had rained a little more in the south and center of the island, noting that it still has a production of 250 to 300 cheese / day, besides curd and other derivatives from meat.



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